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Tashiro Ironworks Co., Ltd. Location:  Kanagawa  Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama 6-7 Kaminoki-cho Employees 60

Our company is an engineering firm that covers factory maintenance, canning, piping and machinery, including design. We lead a team of designers and project managers in each of the above fields and ca...

Our support for manufacturing test machines intended for developing cutting-edge technology extends to on-site installation.

Over the course of our company's long history, we have designed, manufactured and even provided on-site installation of numerous prototype machines to develop cutting-edge technology and large-scale production lines. Small items are fine too, so make sure you try our company's service. We firmly believe that our product will satisfy you.

Main 3 products Complete projects such as piping and canning  Large can manufacturing (tanks, ducts, covers, piping)  Glass-related manufacturing facilities
Type of manufacturing Industrial machinery  Not selected  Not selected
Recommended manufacturing category

1:Designing - Industrial equipment designing - Industrial machinery designing

2:Assembly/Inspection - Repair - Industrial machinery repair

3:Assembly/Inspection - Assembly - Industrial machinery assembly

4:Product manufacturing - Production property - Other industrial machinery manufacturing

5:Product manufacturing - Plant equipment manufacturing - Plant equipment manufacturing

6:Product manufacturing - Construction and civil engineering machinery manufacturing - Pipe connection

7:Product manufacturing - Production property - Energy-saving equipment/Automatic instrument manufacturing

8:Product manufacturing - Production property - Carrier machine manufacturing

9:Development and production of prototype/Small-scale production - Sheet-metal processing - Can manufacturing

10:Development and production of prototype/Small-scale production - Sheet-metal processing - Chassis manufacturing


Asano Co.,Ltd. Location:  Gunma  Isesaki-shi Sanwa-cho 2718-1 Employees 321

Product development supporting and production preparation supporting Business range: trial sheet metal parts production (trial stamping dies – trial sheet metal parts production – assembly), trial ...

Custom-made PROTOTYPE automotive parts

Custom-made PROTOTYPE automotive parts Prototype automotive parts manufacturer of top class in Japan sample vehicle made with our technologies We have a variety of techniques for the prototype auto parts production

Main 3 products prototype sheet metal parts    
Type of manufacturing Transportation equipment  Jigs and tools  Industrial machinery
Recommended manufacturing category

1:Development and production of prototype/Small-scale production - Sheet-metal processing - Sheet metal protocol manufacturing

2:Assembly/Inspection - Inspection - Metal press

3:Development and production of prototype/Small-scale production - Prototype processing - Prototype/Small-lot molding

4:Assembly/Inspection - Assembly - Auto parts assembly

5:Development and production of prototype/Small-scale production - Sheet-metal processing - Pipe machining

6:Development and production of prototype/Small-scale production - Machining - Machining/Handles small-scale production (order from 1 piece)

7:Die manufacturing - Plastic mold - Injection molding die

8:Designing - Mold designing - General metal press die

9:Development and production of prototype/Small-scale production - Prototype processing - Simple mold, prototype mold

10:Die manufacturing - Plastic mold - Insert molding die


Arufadennshi Location:  Fukushima  Tenei-mura, Iwase-gun 60-2 Mukaihara, Iitoyo Employees 169

improvement activities, we provide manufacturing services that meet every needs. In addition, our factory equipped with a large clean room and ISO / medical device manufacturing certified. Not only p...

Body motion sensor

"Anshin Hitsuji α" is a body motion sensor equipped with a function that can measure 4 things: body movement during sleep, heart rate, breathing, and getting out of bed at once. It is installed under bedding such as a mattress, and the detected 4 data can be viewed on a smartphone or personal computer via the communication unit.

Main 3 products "Integrated production from medical device / electronic device development design and parts procurement  Integrated production from board surface mounting to completion  Quality Assurance for Overseas Products "
Type of manufacturing Medical equipment  Industrial machinery  Telecommunication equipment
Recommended manufacturing category

1:Product manufacturing - Medical equipment manufacturing - Medical equipment manufacturing

2:Parts manufacturing - Electric board and electronic part - Electronic parts assembly and wiring

3:Parts manufacturing - Electric board and electronic part - Handles short delivery

4:Parts manufacturing - Electric board and electronic part - Protocol and small-scale (PCB)

5:Assembly/Inspection - Assembly - Toy and sundries assembly

6:Assembly/Inspection - Assembly - Industrial machinery assembly

7:Product manufacturing - Furniture/Interior - Lighting equipment manufacturing

8:Designing - Product and part designing - Medical equipment designing

9:Product manufacturing - Production property - Electrical machinery and apparatus manufacturing

10:Parts manufacturing - Electrical part - Connector manufacturing


Di Nikko Engineering Co.,Ltd. Location:  Tochigi  Nikko Nemuro 697-1 Employees 2564

Di Nikko Engineering was established in 1979 in Nikko, Tochigi Prefecture. We are a comprehensive manufacturing outsourcing (EMS) manufacturer whose three pillars are a series of operations from board...

Assembly work, semiconductor manufacturing equipment assembly, finished product assembly, semiconductor

In our group, we perform not only the board mounting process, but also the production of finished products. Although the number of production lots is small, we also assemble semiconductor manufacturing equipment at our company. We can also handle special and complex assembled products.

Main 3 products PCBA  Lens Unit  Power Supply Unit
Type of manufacturing Electronic parts  Electrical component for transportation equipment  Telecommunication equipment
Recommended manufacturing category

1:Designing - Electrical planning  - Eletronic circuit designing

2:Designing - Electrical planning  - PCB designing

3:Designing - Industrial equipment designing - Precision automatic machinery designing

4:Designing - Industrial equipment designing - Automatic machinery manufacturing

5:Designing - Industrial equipment designing - Industrial machinery designing

6:Assembly/Inspection - Assembly - Industrial machinery assembly

7:Assembly/Inspection - Assembly - Precision equipment assembly

8:Designing - Electrical planning  - Electrical machinery and apparatus designing

9:Parts manufacturing - Electric board and electronic part - Flexible board parts mounting

10:Parts manufacturing - Electric board and electronic part - Protocol and small-scale (PCB)


TOA&ARAI Location:  Mie  toyoda ooaza kawagoe-cho mie-gun 688-1 Employees 60

Our company has been specializing in forging, designing and manufacturing metal products. As far as the procedures are concerned, we have adapted an integrated process of forging, heat treatment and ...

Gear Preciseness Forging Development product SCM/SCR Automotive

material: SCM/SCR usage: speed reduction part process: heat forging + cold forging size: Φ100~Φ220 1.5kg~10kg characteristic: no rap processing, wheel grinding. (wheel precision forging) no grinding process but similar finishing as JIS2.

Main 3 products Forging metallic parts  Manufacturing metallic products  Heat treatment
Type of manufacturing Not selected  Not selected  Not selected
Recommended manufacturing category

1:Mass production - Forging - Hot forging

2:Mass production - Forging - Press forging

3:Assembly/Inspection - Inspection - Forging

4:Mass production - Forging - Iron

5:Parts manufacturing - Machinery part - Gear manufacturing

6:Parts manufacturing - Machinery part - Shaft and roller manufacturing

7:Development and production of prototype/Small-scale production - NC machining - Machining (vertical)

8:Development and production of prototype/Small-scale production - NC machining - NC lathe machining

9:Surface treatment - Heat treatment - Normalizing

10:Surface treatment - Heat treatment - Annealing


Sanmatsu Co., Ltd. Location:  Fukuoka  Chikushino 3-10-9 Okada Employees 155

Our factory can handle machinery design, control software development, parts processing, assembly and OEM for orders ranging from single prototypes to 1,000s of units with sheet metal parts processin...

Combination Molds

Product:Semi-conductor electronic parts Lot:1 ~ 1000 Preciseness: ±0. 01mm Material:SUS Strength:The key point is the amount of vending, including special processing such as crushing and bending. The product is assembled by combining common molds which allows producing in different sizes if necessary.

Main 3 products Precision sheet metal machining (from single items to mass production)  All types of coating on general automotive lines (powder, melamine, fluorine and more)  OEM, assembly
Type of manufacturing Industrial machinery  Machine tools  Construction material
Recommended manufacturing category

1:Development and production of prototype/Small-scale production - Sheet-metal processing - Precision sheet metal machining

2:Surface treatment - Coating - Powder coating

3:Assembly/Inspection - Assembly - Industrial machinery assembly

4:Surface treatment - Coating - Heat-resistant coating

5:Surface treatment - Coating - Electrostatic coating

6:Surface treatment - Coating - Melamine coating

7:Surface treatment - Coating - Acrylic coating

8:Development and production of prototype/Small-scale production - Blank cutting - Nitrogen cutting

9:Surface treatment - Plating/Chemical conversion treatment - Aluminum

10:Product manufacturing - Production property - Food industry machinery manufacturing


Quartz Lead Co., LTD. Location:  Fukushima  Machiikedai Kouriyama 1-15-4 Employees 110

Our business includes initial business, manufacturing cleaner for semiconductors. We are involved in rapidly growing LCD photo mask field and other fields with possibilities, such as solar battery, me...

Large chamber belcher from quartz glass 《 BIGVAS 》

BIGVAS is a large size container with ultra precise and high durability necessary in the fields of advanced technology, include “LED,” “LCD,” and “solar battery.” We, Quartz Lead, managed to manufacture square and/or wide bore tube and large size quartz containers which is thought to be impossible to develop. We develop and manufacture a variety of quartz products: oversized (over 1,000mm) belchers and chambers and quartz parts for edging and ashing.

Main 3 products Manufacturing quartz tank and related parts for semiconductor cleaning device  Manufacturing quartz products for semiconductor manufacturing system  Slicing: Cutting and processing large size mask blanks for LCD
Type of manufacturing Electronic parts  Medical equipment  Industrial machinery
Recommended manufacturing category

1:Assembly/Inspection - Inspection - Glass

2:Product manufacturing - Production property - Semiconductor manufacturing equipment manufacturing

3:Development and production of prototype/Small-scale production - Blank cutting - Glass laser machining

4:Product manufacturing - Production property - Industrial furnace/Test furnace manufacturing

5:Mass production - Glass/Silicon - Glass welding

6:Parts manufacturing - Machinery part - Vacuum components manufacturing

7:Development and production of prototype/Small-scale production - Prototype processing - Prototype/Small-lot molding


SHINWA KOUKI Corp. Location:  Iwate  Hanamaki-shi Sakura-cho 4-259-1 Employees 62

Optical device, medical device, health and welfare device, semi-conductor, and other precision device assembling Since the foundation in 1977, we worked hard believing that assembling technology is...

Soldering, assembling (optical device, medical device, care and welfare equipments, semi-conductor device, and other precise device)

At our company, we assemble a variety of fields’ products. Especially for those assembling by soldering, only soldering certified workers will work on such products, and then be delivered to the customers. Soldering will be manually handled.

Main 3 products Optical device, Medical device  Precision device, Video equipment  Processing and Assembling of amusement equipments
Type of manufacturing Medical equipment  Telecommunication equipment  Office automation equipment
Recommended manufacturing category

1:Assembly/Inspection - Assembly - Precision equipment assembly


Thang Long Daiwa Plastics Location:  Ha Noi  Dong Anh K8, Thang Long Industrial Park Employees 700

Our company is located in Thang Long industrial zone, specializing in production and processing to post-production stages and installation of plastic armor equipment related to electronic machines, ca...

Plastic products Injection moulding (used in OA equipment)

Currently our company is mass production of plastic products for use in OA equipment with tolerances are 5 / 100 Please view more detailed image of this product in the company information page of Emidas members

Main 3 products Motorcycle Parts  Components OA  Other products
Type of manufacturing Transportation equipment  Office automation equipment  Office appliances
Recommended manufacturing category

1:Assembly/Inspection - Inspection - Plastic

2:Mass production - Plastic - Injection molding

3:Mass production - Plastic - PPS (polyphenylene sulfide)

5:Mass production - Plastic - Thin wall molding

6:Mass production - Plastic - Elastomer

7:Mass production - Plastic - 60 - 300 t

8:Mass production - Plastic - 300 - 1,000 t

9:Mass production - Plastic - General-purpose material


Hanoi Mechanical Company Limited Location:  Ha Noi  Hanoi 76 Nguyen Trai, Thuong Dinh, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi Employees 450

Hanoi Mechanical Company Limited – HAMECO was established since 1958, serving domestic and international demands from a wide range of industries of Hydroelectricity, Thermoelectricity, Cement, Steel l...

Main 3 products Casting, Machining, Steel structure and machinery    
Type of manufacturing Industrial machinery  Jigs and tools  Machine tools
Recommended manufacturing category

1:Assembly/Inspection - Inspection - Casting

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