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Cost Reduction × Efficiency of Technology Transfer × Reduction of Manpower Shortage Thailand Bangkok

Remote Work Support Solution AceReal® for docomo Using AR smart glasses, remote support for ・・・


STL-EDIT is a tool that enables the use of STL figures that have been imported into a CAD syst・・・

2D/3D fusion CAD/CAM system for parts processing

Supports drilling to 3-axis machining for parts machining. Enables easy and quick data creatio・・・

2D CAM for Wire (NAZCA5 CAM Wire)

It is also easy to give instructions for processing distinctive to wire cutting, in aspects su・・・

Workflow Time Saving Efficiency JOBCAN Thailand Bangkok

JOBCAN Workflow Supports Thai, Japanese and English! Reduce time spent on application and app・・・

Work Manualization

So how urgent is it? Well, business visualization, standardization, and manualization tend to ・・・

Display producer goods on showroom

What's the producer goods showroom?

'Producer goods showroom' is the virtual one that is managed by NC network. You can search products info in detail and purchase them.

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