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Kangda Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd Location:  Guangdong  Shenzhen A6-A8 building, Hongtian Industrial Zone, Hongtian Road Employees 120

Strength: We follow the production and management model of the Japanese factory. For more than 20 years, Kangda has maintained good relationships with customers in Japan, Europe and the United S...

Aluminum non-standard fixtures

Part Number: KD-C021 Part Name: Aluminum non-standard fixtures Raw Material: Al2017 Surface Treatment: None Dimension: Customized Application: Automation Tolerance: 0.008mm Packing Information: Neutral packing, special packing as per customer’s request Delivery time: 10 days for samples, 25 days for mass production Processing Machines: Milling machine, CNC machining center, wire cutting

Main 3 products CNC machining parts  Milling parts  Turning parts
Type of manufacturing Electrical component for transportation equipment  Electronic parts  Heavy electric machinery
Recommended manufacturing category

1:Development and production of prototype/Small-scale production - NC machining - Machining (vertical)


Techno Taiyo Location:  Osaka  Sakai Higashi-ku Ishihara-cho 1-153 Employees 40


Main 3 products Mechanical Parts,Aluminum,MachiningCenter    
Type of manufacturing Industrial machinery  Medical equipment  Kitchen
Recommended manufacturing category

1:Product manufacturing - Production property - Hydraulic pressure equipment manufacturing


KINKOH Co.,Ltd.. Location:  Kagoshima  Satsumasendai-city, 7561 Kokuracho, Employees 35

We manufacture precision press dies punched by carbide pins with base materials such as ceramic green sheets, MCPETs, and metal sheets using our developed technologies since the foundation. Also, we m...

Precision machining parts

60台超の各種設備をバランス良く保有し、その加工製品にあった加工機・加工方法を組み合わせることで、コストダウンを実現し、手作業による職人技との融合により、ほとんどの加工に柔軟に対応することが可能であり、高品質な製品を短納期で製作しております。 仕様(寸法、機能等): VA・VEによるコストダウンの実現

Main 3 products Ceramic green sheet punching dies, powder molding dies, extrusion dies, parts for other dies/molds, dispenser nozzles, discharge nozzles, suction nozzles, adsorption nozzles, adsorption collets,  Products manufactured by; Mirror surface wrapping, precision wire cutting, cylindrical grinding, profile grinding, machining, milling, precision grinding, small hole drilling  Base material of products; Carbide, difficult-to-cut material, stainless steel, aluminum, tungsten, titanium / Manufacturing method; Shrink-fit, brazing, fitting, bonding, special precision machining
Type of manufacturing Jigs and tools  Electronic parts  Medical equipment
Recommended manufacturing category

1:Development and production of prototype/Small-scale production - Machining - Handles microfabrication


MP-TEC,INC. Location:  Michigan  Livonia 32920 Capitol street Employees 11

MP-TEC is dedicated to providing companies with superior components for injection molds including cavities,cores,stamping dies,punches and precision machine tools ,along with CNC machining through sta...

Mold repair

Making precision ajjustments for diecasting mold ,injection mold. ダイカスト入子部品、設備の治具を含む様々な部品の修理、 微細樹脂金型部品の設計変更、メンテナンス請け負います。 肉盛り溶接、微細溶接、レーザー溶接にて対応致します。 溶接のみのご依頼、又は肉盛り後の設計変更や修正まで一貫した作業を賜ります。 まずはお気軽にお問合わせ下さい。

Main 3 products High Precision mold and die  Mold maintenance and repair  Laser welding
Type of manufacturing Jigs and tools  Industrial machinery  Machine tools
Recommended manufacturing category

SANCO Precision Industrial Ltd. Location:    Bali Dist., New Taipei City 58-12, Xiaguzi Employees 18

Sanco Precision Industrial was established in 1972. It’s distinguished technique and expertise in Precision Motor Shafts, Sanco Precision Industrial became the supplier of Motor Shaft of TECO Electric...

Main 3 products Pump Shaft  Alternator shaft  servo motor shaft
Type of manufacturing Machine tools  Industrial machinery  Electrical component for transportation equipment
Recommended manufacturing category

1:Mass production - Mechanical processing - NC turning machining


Nakayama Seimitsu Co.,Ltd. Location:  Osaka  Suita-city,  3-6-10 Kishibe Minami, Employees 100

Our company was founded with the main products of ultra-hard metal parts, electronic devices, and wear-resistant parts around semiconductors. We are fully equipped with a "high temperature and high hu...

Manufacture of micro round electrodes

φ0.007㎜長さ0.200mm 電極材:銀タングステン 電極加工時間:7分 ・電極長さが径の20倍以上を実現 ・微細電極を連続して作成できる。

Main 3 products Ultra-precision mold of metal parts  Semiconductor-related precision parts  Collet
Type of manufacturing Jigs and tools  Industrial machinery  Not selected
Recommended manufacturing category

Fukino moldingdies factory Co., Ltd. Location:  Kyoto  Kyoto-city,  209 Kuze Tsukiyamacho, Minami-ku,  Employees 10

Since its founding, we have consistently worked on the design and manufacture of molds for plastic injection molding. In recent years, advanced technologies for nano-order surface accuracy, fine end m...

Contract of microfabricated processing by injection mold design and manufacturing & machining center

・エンプラ・スーパーエンプラ用の小物精密部品用成型金型 ・プラスチックレンズ等の透明部品用射出成型金型 ・金属3Dプリンター応用3D水管付金型の設計施工実績多数   得意範囲成形機サイズ:30トン~50トン/最大成形機サイズ:200トンクラス ・高性能マシニングセンターによる極小径エンドミル加工 ・高硬度材への直彫り加工 ・切削加工によるミガキレス仕上げ ・マイクロニードル ・マイクロ流路 ・微細放電加工 ・多孔質部分一体加工の真空チャック ・金属3Dプリンターによる部品製作及びその2次加工

Main 3 products Injection mold for precision small parts  Fine machining / high surface precision machining  Difficult-to-cut material machining
Type of manufacturing Electrical component for transportation equipment  Electronic parts  Medical equipment
Recommended manufacturing category

1:Development and production of prototype/Small-scale production - Machining - Handles microfabrication


JITCHAI ENGINEERING PRODUCTS CO.,LTD. Location:  Samut Sakhon  Thasao,Kratumban 31/9 Moo 1 Employees 40

JITCHAI ENGINEERING PRODUCTS Company Limited is expertise in metal reform as well as other engineering materials with many different cuttings as follows : - Lathe - Milling - Drilling - Grinding ...

Milling Parts


Main 3 products Mechanical parts – Mechanical devices  Jig & Fixture  Mass production, rubber and metal molds
Type of manufacturing Jigs and tools  Electronic parts  Industrial machinery
Recommended manufacturing category

1:Mass production - Mechanical processing - Machining


BOONTHAVEESUP ENGINEERING CO.,LTD. Location:  Samut Sakhon  Kokkabue, Muang 52/13 Employees 30

Manufacturing of Hard Chrome Plating, Grinding, Lathing , Maintenance, Machining Center, Drilling, Mold Maker

Grinding Parts


Main 3 products Machine Spare Parts  Roller  Hydraulic Cylinder
Type of manufacturing Industrial machinery  Machine tools  Not selected
Recommended manufacturing category

1:Surface treatment - Plating/Chemical conversion treatment - Hard chromium (rack)


Nambu-Seisakusho co.,ltd. Location:  Shizuoka  Hamamatsu-city, 1129 Terajima, Hamakita-ku, Employees 11

We design and manufacture the progressive remittance molds for motorcycle and four-wheeled vehicle parts. We perform everything in-house from process setting to mold device design, manufacturing, and...

Precision sprocket for transport, built into surface mounter(Press sheet metal type_ minute tooth type)

歯幅1.4mm先端歯形0.4R 10°刻みで36歯。 表面実装機内で0.1mm~大のICチップを搬送するのに使用される高精度スプロケット。歯によって、φ1.5mmパンチ穴の開いたテープを送る。360°(1周)における歯位置のブレは20μm~35μm。歯形は米粒に似た砲弾型で、すべてプレス成形によるものである。 仕様(寸法、機能等): SUS304製、高精度スプロケット 板厚2.0mmコイルより順送金型により成形。刃先までの全直径は約50mm。36個の歯型を有し、各歯型は根本でφ1.4mm(4方向に平面あり)、刃先は0.4Rの砲弾型。中央に3x2.5高さ1.5mmの突起成形が3箇所

Main 3 products Precision progressive remittance mold design and manufacturing  3D modeling / processing  Precision wire electric discharge machining
Type of manufacturing Industrial machinery  Not selected  Transportation equipment
Recommended manufacturing category

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