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Takahashi Metal Co.,Ltd. Location:  Gifu  Gifu-shi 1-12-4, Yanaizu-cho Ryutsu-Center Employees 90

We are a company that handles all types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. In our company, we have [Shindo Division] that sell and perform non-ferrous metal (copper/brass) processing , and [Special Sa...

We have installed in-furnace brazing machine

We have installed in-furnace brazing machine at Tube Seisakusho Co., Ltd. We also have cooperating factory, so regardless of iron, stainless steel or brass please feel free to contact us. Consultation from parts arrangement is also possible. Please leave it to us, the "brazing" professional! Machine manufacturer: Shin-Yamazaki Electric Industry Machine type: Hydrogen furnace (continuous furnace brazing machine)

Main 3 products Processing of brass tubes, copper tubes, and stainless steel tubes  Brass cutting parts, etc., non-ferrous metal processing, precision processing  Steel sheets leveler and shearing
Type of manufacturing Industrial machinery  Electronic parts  Telecommunication equipment
Recommended manufacturing category

1:Material - Nonferrous metal distribution - Copper and brass products

2:Material - Steel component distribution - Hot-dipped steel plate

3:Development and production of prototype/Small-scale production - Sheet-metal processing - Pipe machining

4:Material - Steel component distribution - Electroplated steel plate

5:Development and production of prototype/Small-scale production - NC machining - NC lathe machining

6:Surface treatment - Other surface treatment - Buffing

7:Surface treatment - Plating/Chemical conversion treatment - Brass


Okutani Wire Netting MFG Co., Ltd. Location:  Hyogo  Koube-shi Chuou-ku Aioichou4-5-5 Employees 63

Since the company's foundation in 1895, we have been growing together with Kobe while being the leading company in the wire gauze industry. After the industrial evolution, we began focusing on innovat...

Super punching ; Infrastructure

Number one in the industry with punching process technology Punch press thick metal sheets with small pitch and smaller holes Our company brand name is “Super punching TM” In the past, it was thought that creating a hole with a shorter diameter than the board thickness or pressing thin board was impossible; however, we have achieved to make the impossible possible while lowering the cost of processing compared to the machining process or laser beam processing. As we can process from thin boards to thick boards with shorter than board thickness distances of each hole, products we manufacture are suitable for a wide variety of usages. More cost efficient than grinding/drilling or laser beam processing. Most common usages are for places where high durability, high drilling rate, and high pressure resistance, such as punching screen, punching filter, etc. is needed http://www.punchingworld.com/super/index.html

Main 3 products Variety of wire nettings  Punching Metal  Variety of processed metal products
Type of manufacturing Heavy electric machinery  Construction material  Transportation equipment
Recommended manufacturing category

1:Material - Steel component distribution - Perforated metal

2:Material - Steel component distribution - Expanded metal

3:Parts manufacturing - Other parts - Metallic mesh manufacturing

4:Parts manufacturing - Other parts - Filter manufacturing

5:Product manufacturing - Construction and civil engineering machinery manufacturing - Construction and civil engineering material manufacturing

6:Product manufacturing - Plant equipment manufacturing - Plant equipment manufacturing

7:Development and production of prototype/Small-scale production - Blank cutting - Turret punch press processing

8:Development and production of prototype/Small-scale production - Prototype processing - Punching

9:Mass production - Metal press - Blanking

10:Development and production of prototype/Small-scale production - Sheet-metal processing - Sheet metal protocol manufacturing


SIAM SEIKEN CO., LTD. Location:  Samut Prakan  A. Bangplee 32/8 Moo7, Bangplee - Tamru Rd., T. Barngleeyai, Employees 6

Centerless Grinding & Polishing, Stainless Steel Processing Seiken Kogyo We will supply grinded steel bars and secondary processed products of various materials, including stainless steel, in shape...

Shaft Centerless grinding Stainless steel Carbon Steel Lathe cutting parts

Centerless grinding polishing of various steel types, mainly stainless steel. Standard tolerance is 10μm In addition to 2.5m and 3m in length, we can also handle 200-1000mm between parts polishing and material polishing. Furthermore, we provide seamless service up to 6m. We handle materials and processed products of various steel types, including cold drawn steel bars other than centerless polished products.

Main 3 products Centerless grinding & polishing  sales of other cold drawn steel bars, etc. and processed products  
Type of manufacturing Not selected  Not selected  Not selected
Recommended manufacturing category

1:Development and production of prototype/Small-scale production - Grinding processing - Centerless grinding

2:Material - Steel component distribution - Steel (round) bar

3:Material - Steel component distribution - Stainless steel


Plamoul Seiko Co.,Ltd. Location:  Miyagi  Kurokawa-gun Tomitani-chou Takanosha 4-3-5 Employees 42

“The Degassing Revolution: Unbelievable Degassing. Better Quality and Reduced Cost.” Have you ever faced with a problem during conservation of injection moulds and/or cast moulds due to poor degass...

“Gas-tosu” (Registered trade name), Ejector-Pin, Core-Pin with gas-venting function

“Gas-tosu,” Ejector-Pin, Core-Pin with gas-venting function "Gas-tosu" is a registered trade name. "tosu" is a Japanese word, and it means making something pass. Therefore, "Gas-tosu" is the tool which makes gas pass. ◆The features of Gas-tosu Gas-tosu is used as Ejector-pin or Core-pin with gas-venting (air-venting) function. The vent width in Gas-tosu can be selected from 0.005~0.05mm according to the fluidity of resin. Therefore, Gas-tosu is acceptable to every kinds of resin. The inclined-processing is being performed into Gas-tosu to efficiently exhaust the gas which occurs in die. Installing the gas vent with the width which is 0.005~0.05mm is possible according to the fluidity of resin.

Main 3 products Spool, Runner parts, ejector pin for electronic products  Core pin, Precision Moulds  Mould parts, Connector for electronic parts
Type of manufacturing Jigs and tools  Electronic parts  Not selected
Recommended manufacturing category

1:Die manufacturing - Plastic mold - Part processing

2:Die manufacturing - Plastic mold - Designing

3:Die manufacturing - Plastic mold - Manufacturing

4:Designing - Mold designing - Injection molding die

5:Die manufacturing - Plastic mold - Injection molding die

6:Material - Plastic material distribution - ABS resin

7:Material - Plastic material distribution - PP (polypropylene)

8:Material - Plastic material distribution - PC (polycarbonate)

9:Material - Plastic material distribution - POM (polyoxymethylene)

10:Die manufacturing - Plastic mold - Thermoset resin die


Joyofuji Kogyo Co., Ltd. Location:  Kyoto  Joyo-shi 71-2 Nakamichiomote, Hirakawa Employees 27

Established in 1980 as the milling and machining company, we have been carrying our business in the Kansai region specializing in a small lot small size production. Since 2000, most domestic companies...

Printing equipment - industry film production equipment components costs in grinding less.

It achieves high accuracy and surface roughness of the grinding equivalent grinding less! Material: SS400 Size: 35 × 75 × 1500 It is a high-precision long parts of complex shape. Do not convinced the surface is not clean If you do not grinding! Here, in part to be used to print the film, you were instructed on the entire surface of the grinding almost first. However, time, cost would take to grind the elongated such parts. The required? Flatness, parallelism, surface roughness of the extent, It is possible to finish the accuracy required by the grinding less. In our company, and that they make a variety of complex shapes such, it is a polite Machining, It is possible to finish the clean surface, such as grinding in only cutting. In the case of this time, it becomes that it can be used only by cutting, We are able to give you less costs and significantly shorter delivery times. There are many such cases in parts of the polymer thin film manufacturing equipment, such as film production equipment. Please consult with Joyofuji Kogyo If you have projects like this. ★CONTACT US★ TEL :0774-53-8921 FAX :0774-56-0263 Email :info@joyofuji.com Please feel free to ask anything with Mr. Itashiki - Sales Management Technical Information Website to pursue a VA / VE of design engineers http://www.seimitukakou-costdown.com/ Shopping site of mechanical components specializing in metal plate parts http://www.kikaibuhin-tuuhan.com/

Main 3 products Long length machining processing  Highly precise jig boring  Parallel machining process
Type of manufacturing Machine tools  Industrial machinery  Medical equipment
Recommended manufacturing category

1:Development and production of prototype/Small-scale production - Grinding processing - Jig boring

2:Development and production of prototype/Small-scale production - Machining - Stainless steel

3:Development and production of prototype/Small-scale production - Machining - Casting

4:Material - Steel component distribution - Stainless steel

5:Development and production of prototype/Small-scale production - Machining - Deep hole drilling

6:Material - Nonferrous metal distribution - Titanium

7:Mass production - Grinding processing - Rotary grinding

8:Development and production of prototype/Small-scale production - Machining - Machining/Handles small-scale production (order from 1 piece)

9:Development and production of prototype/Small-scale production - Grinding processing - Plane grinding

10:Material - Specialized material distribution - Kovar


Yamaichi Special Steel Co., Ltd. Location:  Aichi  Nagoya,  2-146 Oneyama, Midori-ku, Employees 200

We, as a special sales agent of materials from Hitachi Metals, Ltd., supply special steel materials to dies/molds and parts molding manufacturers. In 2016, Prismadd, a Franch company and we establishe...

Electronic device connector components

電子機器コネクター金型は加工形状が細かい為、形彫り放電にて使用する電極精度が重要となる。精密電極をリニア駆動MCにて製作し、高い形状精度にて加工が可能。 仕様(寸法、機能等):樹脂金型用の入子(±1.5μm)

Main 3 products Micro-manufactured high-precision parts by micron-orders (Precision pressing, die-cast, molds, motor-core EV connectors, plugs)  Measurement (Assurance of dimensions: ISO certificate organization)  Sales of steel materials
Type of manufacturing Transportation equipment  Jigs and tools  Machine tools
Recommended manufacturing category

1:Development and production of prototype/Small-scale production - NC machining - 5-face/5-axis machining

2:Die manufacturing - Casting die - Die-casting part processing

3:Die manufacturing - Press die - Plate machining

4:Development and production of prototype/Small-scale production - Machining - Machining/Handles small-scale production (order from 1 piece)

5:Material - Steel component distribution - Tool steel

6:Material - Steel component distribution - Spring steel

7:Surface treatment - Heat treatment - Vacuum quenching


Koho Precision Bar and Metals Co., Ltd. Location:  Samut Prakan  A.Bangboo 112/55 Moo 6 T.Bangpriang, Employees 8

 We stock and sell precision polished steel bars, mainly called "polished steel bars", as a "convenience store for polished steel bars".  With the cooperation of Japanese manufacturers of polished ...

Cold Rolled Steel Bar Material Cost Advantage Sourcing Thailand Samut Prakarn

Why don't you seek "cost advantage" in materials? Would you like to procure materials in Thailand that you import from Japan? Stock & Product Information More than 700 kinds of cold rolled steel bars are available. Steel grade: SS400* S45C SCM415 SCM435 SK4F-G Free-cutting KHCP (plated shaft) S45CHT Shape: Round bar Hexagonal bar Flat bar Square bar *Our SS400 polished steel bars are drawn from materials such as SGD3, AISI1018, SWRM8-10, SGD1, SS400, etc., and do not correspond to SS400 of JIS standard. In terms of tensile strength, it is equivalent to SGD400-D (but no actual value). Can be ordered from Japanese stock (stock types to be expanded) KOHO Response: Quick response with emphasis on speed KOHO's response time is one of the fastest in the industry. This is made possible by our extensive inventory. Our basic delivery time is the next day, or the same day depending on the situation. In the case of pick-up, we also deliver the products "JUST IN TIME". Orders can be placed for as little as one fixed length piece or one cut piece. We will respond to your quotation as quickly as possible. We can also respond to requests for products other than cold rolled steel bars. KOHO Quality: Products based on trust We import and stock materials from Japanese manufacturers to deliver the very best in Japanese quality. You can be satisfied with our dimensional tolerances, surface conditions, and length tolerances of cut products. For stocked products, we can trace the history of all polished products from material to shipment. Of course, there are no exceptions, even for cut-off products that have already been shipped. We can provide you with a mill sheet (ingredient report). KOHO Service: Providing materials to make reliable products Small lots and small items of cut products are packed in bags to prevent loss and contamination. Chips that tend to adhere to the cut products themselves are removed, and large burrs are also removed. As the demand for cutting accuracy is increasing, we are shifting from the conventional band saw cutting machine to a more accurate carbide circular saw cutting machine, and we are also working on making products to reduce our customers' processing time as much as possible. We can provide a variety of materials other than polished steel bars. We can provide a wide variety of materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, and copper products. We also handle custom plates (face-cut plates). We can handle a wide variety of materials, so please contact us for more information.

Main 3 products Steel grades in stock for polishing: SS400, S45C, SCM415, SCM435  Sales of face-grinding plates  Provision of processed products using cold rolled steel bars and plate materials
Type of manufacturing Not selected  Not selected  Not selected
Recommended manufacturing category

1:Material - Steel component distribution - Steel (round) bar


Kansai Metal Industry Co., Ltd. Location:  Osaka  Shodai-Tachika, Hirakata City 1-4 Employees 90

Since being founded in 1932,we have contributed to development of the Japanese economy as the top producer of cold-finished steel bars. Our factory is one of the few JIS certified factories of a cold...

Steel-bar cold-finished JIS Carbon Alloy Stainless

Cold-finished steel bar(Bright products of steel-bar) ①JIS G 3123(Cold finished carbon and alloy steel bars) Shape: Rectangular    Symbol of grade: SS400 SGD400 SC ,AISI etc. ②JIS G 4318(Cold finished stainless steel bars) Shape: Rectangular Hexagon Round Symbol of grade: 303 304 316 403 etc. ③ASTM ASME(Cold finished) A29,A276,A479,A484,A193,A194 etc. Shape: Rectangular Hexagon Round

Main 3 products Cold-finished steel bars  Cold-finished stainless steel bars(JIS G 4318)  Cold-finished carbon and alloy steel bars(JIS G 3123)
Type of manufacturing Transportation equipment  Industrial machinery  Machine tools
Recommended manufacturing category

1:Material - Steel component distribution - Flat steel plate


THAI COMPOSITES CO.,LTD. Location:  Chonburi  Soi Pattanakarn 57 Kwang Praves Khet Praves 43 Employees 111

Thai Composites Co.,Ltd. is a manufacturer of engineered fiberglass products. Our company produce cable ladder, storage tank, water purification system, valves, rebar, manhole cover, light pole and ta...

GRE Pipe


Main 3 products Conduit  Pipe and Fittings  Cable Ladder and Fittings
Type of manufacturing Jigs and tools  Not selected  Not selected
Recommended manufacturing category

1:Material - Steel component distribution - Seamless steel pipe


SANWA FELT (THAILAND) CO., LTD. Location:  Samut Prakan  Klongsusan, Bangbor 111/3, Asia Industrial Estate, Moo.4, Employees 20

We mainly manufacture sealing materials and specially processed products for office automation equipment, as well as perforated products for industrial materials such as felt, urethane, and film.

Parts for OA equipment

Sealing material using felt for OA equipment and specially processed non-metal products

Main 3 products Sealing materials for OA equipment and specially processed products  Felt materials  Punched products(non-metal),
Type of manufacturing Office automation equipment  Not selected  Not selected
Recommended manufacturing category

1:Material - Nonferrous metal distribution - Others

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