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The environment of Japanese manufacturing has changed dramatically. Small and medium-sized manufacturing industries were previously positioned at the base of a pyramid, supporting larger manufacturing industries. Changes in the system have resulted in these smaller manufacturers now working with businesses outside this conventional range of affiliations. By further enhancing these changes in the environment, industries are able to increase orders in hitherto unexploited fields and regions.

The company provides the various EMIDAS services to assist small and medium-sized manufacturing industries to respond to these changes, and to reinforce business structures. We encourage use of these services in support of manufacturing industries facing the challenges of the business environment.

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Register basic company information as the entry point for net sales for your manufacturing business.

Use of the basic EMIDAS service (e.g. Public Procurement Information) permitted. The basic service for use of EMIDAS.

  • EMIDAS basic functions
  • Introducing purchases
  • Providing opportunities for wholesaler - wholesaler trading
  • Posting of job listings
  • Support by person in charge
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