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Teflon hoses

Teflon hoses have a variety of superior characteristics including chemical and heat resistance, a...

Non-metallic bellows

Used for piping (vibration absorption, shaft difference absorption, expansion and contraction abs...

Long tubes Can be put into use in the field by almost anyone.

Simple and low cost on-site dimension adjustment. In addition sockets, elbows and brazing are unn...

Bellows Can be manufactured within desired dimensions in 1 mm units without additional die costs.

Casting with thin-walled metals allows for superior stretchability and longer useful life. We can...

Superoll Method(Roller Burnishing Method)

Roller burnishing by using Superoll is to induce compressive residual stresses and enhance surfac...

800test bars and 300AIR JET MASTERS

Long & Enough Experience of manufacturing Connecting Rods will assure you the quality by 800t...

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What's the producer goods showroom?

'Producer goods showroom' is the virtual one that is managed by NC network. You can search products info in detail and purchase them.

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